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High quality resistance wire
High quality resistance wire
Large range of resistance wire
Clean and well spooled
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.4 x.4 316L ss square - 25m
-28 %
high quality .4 x .4 316L ss square wire resistance wire.25m 316L ss square resistance wire..
£5.00 £6.99
.4 x.4 nichrome 80 square - 25m
-28 %
high quality .4 x .4 nichrome square wire resistance wire.25m nichrome 80 square resistance wire..
£5.00 £6.99
20g Pro-flat
-50 %
8ft of high quality flattened ni80 wire, Pro-flat wire produces a clean flavorful vape with clouds that will not will receive 8ft of 20..
£2.50 £5.00
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